Fox News anchor Julie Banderas repeatedly pushed a blatant lie about the impeachment inquiry

Banderas twice claimed that no Republicans were allowed into the closed-door hearings. Forty-seven of them actually were.

During Fox News’ coverage of the House vote on a resolution formalizing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine, Fox anchor Julie Banderas repeatedly pushed the lie that no Republicans were allowed in the closed-door hearings that have occurred so far in the inquiry. In fact, all Republicans on any of the three House committees -- intelligence, foreign affairs, and oversight -- are allowed to participate in the hearings, and they are given equal time to ask questions. That amounts to 47 Republicans.

During Fox News’ October 31 coverage of the House vote, Banderas noted that Republicans “have been furious about [due process] -- the fact that the Republicans have not been able to go inside those closed-door meetings that have been held by these Democrats.”

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After the resolution was passed, Banderas doubled down on her false assertion, saying, “We’re also waiting for [the transcripts] of these closed-door meetings that the Republicans have very much wanted to be a part of and have not been.” This time, colleague Bret Baier pushed back on Banderas’ false claims, noting, “It’s worth pointing out that behind closed doors, these meetings have included Republicans and they have had some chance to cross-examine some of these witnesses,” adding, “There have been Republicans in those rooms.”

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