Fox host calls out Trump and his surrogates for attacking DeSantis

Trey Gowdy: “We are debasing ourselves with having these little quarrels over nicknames” and “allegations of grooming”

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Citation From the March 22, 2023, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

DANA PERINO (FOX CO-HOST): Let's bring in Trey Gowdy, host of Sunday Night in America, and the author of a new book Start, Stay, or Leave, which I highly recommend to everybody especially the graduates in your life. So, Trey, how do you look at this 2024 race as it is shaping up? You have Ron DeSantis who has not declared he is running, but seems like he is going to, taking a little bit of a shot back at President Trump. 

TREY GOWDY (FOX HOST): Yeah Dana, I would actually call that self-defense. I mean, Ron has been taking on weaponry, taking on attacks for weeks now. I mean, you mentioned he had an overwhelming victory in November and yet one of President Trump's surrogates accused Ron of fixing the vote. Another one of President Trump's surrogates said that he was backed by George Soros. So I mean, at a certain point whether you're running for president or not, you have to defend yourself. I don't know, I have not asked Ron. We served together, I have not asked him if he is running for president. I think other people are going to get in. But you know, Dana, I mean, the whole process is really so degrading. I mean, you've got allegations of grooming high school students when you were a teacher. All this fixation over nicknames. I mean, we are picking the leader of the free world. The leader of the most important country in the world and we are debasing ourselves with having these little quarrels over nicknames and allegations that go back 30 years that are really preposterous. I just think we ought to do better than that.