Townhall columnist said some children should have been aborted

Contemplating abortion in the United States in his May 1 column, Doug Giles simultaneously decried the growing number of women who he says are getting abortions for selfish reasons, while averring that it would be better if some children who are “living with uncaring parents” were aborted, so they “wouldn't have to watch John Flipper Kerry trip over his prevaricating tongue” :

Maybe [giving] birth could interfere with Mom getting her BA degree, or expose the affair she's having with her college professor, or mess up her bikini body, or keep her from partying and sleeping with everything that moves...

I confess that sometimes I think it would be better for some kids to have been aborted, if living with uncaring parents in this cruddy culture is their only option. While mom ignores them because she's working on her tan and dad's playing tennis with his mistress... they wouldn't have to watch John Flipper Kerry trip over his prevaricating tongue.

Doug Giles writes a weekly column on cultural issues that appears on The Heritage Foundation.s website He is the creator, host, and director of, a Christian radio station heard in Miami, Palm Beach, the United Kingdom, and via satellite and the Internet. His 2003 book, Ruling in Babylon, was published by Xulon Press (a Christian self-publisher).

Giles is also a pastor at His People Miami Christian Church in Miami, Florida. According to the Clash Radio website, “This fall Pastor Doug Giles is serving STEAK [Serious Theological Education Advancing the Kingdom]. An all beef discipleship course covering the majors of the Christian Faith.”