Attention, Conservatives: People Like Teachers

Is there a better example of how hilariously out of touch conservative pundits are than their belief that Americans hate teachers? Here's Townhall columnist Bill Murchison:

[O]nce public education lost in great degree the robust support of the middle class, there was nowhere for things to go but downhill.

Education made for a stronger, wiser America. That is what we believed -- and why we supported teachers and principals.

You say I am generalizing. I am. Every assertion regarding the human experience is a generalization. The point is, we used to like teachers and support them. What happened?

Parents, I tell you, used to like teachers. Teachers liked parents in return. There was a kind of compact between them. Back us up, the teachers said, and we'll deliver the goods. The parents nodded their heads. OK.

That was until the compact came apart and society as a whole withdrew its support from the teacher: the teacher as authority figure anyway.

In reality, people love teachers. So much so that two-thirds of Americans think public school teachers should be paid more.

I look forward to Bill Murchison's next column, in which he will presumably address America's growing hatred of puppies and ice cream.