FRC's Perkins: Palin is “more of a cheerleader” than a President

In a September 19 “The Caucus” blog post, the New York Times reported that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins described Palin as “more of a cheerleader” than a President.

From the September 19 New York Times' The Caucus blog post, titled, “Pence is Values Voters' Choice for President...and Vice President”:

“I think she is a great spokesman,” he said. “I mean, I think that she challenges the status quo. She says what a lot of people think. But, you know, a lot of people sometimes realize we shouldn't say everything we think. Maybe it is that she is more of a cheerleader and one who rallies conservatives together as opposed to being their top choice for president. I don't know. I would say the No. 1 consideration was that she was not here to speak.”