Attacking Sen. Kamala Harris, Fox host Tomi Lahren claims Democratic women are “dating their way to the top”

Lahren: “Isn't it a little hypocritcal for them to use their affiars with powerful men to bolster their own careers?”

From the January 29 edition of Fox Nation's Final Thoughts with Tomi Lahren

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TOMI LAHREN (HOST): Democrats are always preaching about female empowerment, equality, and determination, isn't it a little hypocritical for them to use their affairs with powerful men to bolster their own careers? Isn't that the kind of behavior the MeToo and Time's Up movement seeks to change? What message does Kamala's affair with Willy Brown send to women? Isn't part of the messaging behind MeToo and feminism as a whole for women to stop using relationships with powerful men to advance their careers? But instead show young women they can advance and excel on their own, without dating their way to the top?


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