Russert still welcoming CBN reporter who called male blogger Thompson's “angry girlfriend”

NBC News has announced that Christian Broadcasting Network senior national correspondent David Brody will appear on the September 9 edition of NBC's Meet the Press: “We will have insights & analysis on the race for the White House and the busy week in politics with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network and John Harwood of the Wall Street Journal and CNBC.” As Media Matters for America documented, in an August 21 post on his blog -- titled “Fred, You're Such a Tease!” -- Brody characterized male blogger Lane Hudson, who filed a complaint against former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) with the Federal Election Commission, as Thompson's “angry girlfriend.” In his complaint, Hudson accused Thompson, who announced on September 6 that he is running for president, of violating the Federal Election Commission's “testing the waters” clause.

After asserting that Thompson was handling speculation about his presidential campaign “like the cool, handsome jock in high school who teased all the girls who wanted to go out with him,” Brody wrote: “Well, now Fred Thompson has an angry girlfriend. His name (don't go there) is Lane Hudson.”

The September 9 appearance will be Brody's third on Meet the Press since July.