On YouTube, Tim Pool suggests “high values dudes” should shame women based on their number of sexual partners

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Citation From the August 25, 2023, edition of The Culture War with Tim Pool

TIM POOL (HOST): If women are only looking at the top eight, nine, ten of men.


POOL: If these guys, if guys like you just started shaming women, you know who is paying for OnlyFans, right? It's lower quality guys.

FUDL: 100 percent.   

POOL: If high quality dudes who got really nice watches and pull up in a Bugatti, and this woman is like yeah I wanna come hang with you, and he'll say, yeah? What's your body count? And he goes, how dare you ask me that, I don't hone my car and he takes off, now she's embarrassed, she got shut down, and more women are going to say, if I want a high value men, because only the guys that are going to come at me are going to be high value.