Timcast IRL panelists attack marriage equality, suggest it has led to normalizing “grooming”

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Citation From a March 29, 2022, video posted to the Timcast IRL channel on YouTube

ALEX BRUESEWITZ (GUEST): Look, I was in high school when gay marriage was legalized, or you know the Supreme Court ruling, and I used to be like what's even the fight about gay marriage. Like you know the conservatives on their talk radio would be like, well, if we normalize this, what else are we going to be forced to normalize? I'm like, oh, they're just bigots or whatever. And then five years later, six years later, somebody who was a woman for four days gets named Sports Illustrated woman of the year, Caitlyn Jenner, and now we're in this next phase of the transition into normalizing stuff and it’s the grooming crap.

TIM POOL (HOST): It's because there's no end, right? They say the ends justify the means, but there is no end. Meaning no matter where you are, you're always moving in one direction. The issue is, for me, it's not gay marriage or slippery slope fallacy, I think two consenting adults is not the issue. Obviously, there's a lot of traditional conservatives who have issue with that, I disagree; the issue is children who can't consent. That's always been the point. Adults can consent because they're, you know, they can go and do their thing; children cannot.


SEAMUS COUGHLIN (CO-HOST): I want to make another point here piggybacking off of what you just said about all the arguments that were made about conservatives about gay marriage just a few years ago and where we are in relation to those. It's not just the case that basically every prediction made by the Christian right about what would happen in America after gay rights were legalized, or "gay rights" were normalized happened. It's that the most cartoonish, strawman version of their argument that a left-winger would have come up with ten years ago has turned out to be what's actually happening.

POOL: Like child drag shows.

COUGHLIN: Yes, exactly, like child drag shows.


BRUESEWITZ: Look, I still believe that – I'm okay with gay marriage personally, OK whatever. But the stuff that's come from after it, it's been messed up, the trans rights has been such a, you know, weird issue and I think Dave Chappelle kind of lays it out nicely and he's like, you guys need to disown these other people; you need to disown the T in the –


COUGHLIN: Well, there's just one more thing I want to say here because I hear what you guys are saying. I don't think we share a perspective here, particularly on gay marriage. I think once a society says that two men can be married and tries to redefine marriage in that way, we've already lost the plot on what gender roles are and so we're open to any and everything happening with the relationship between men and women that doesn't really correspond to reality and what the sexes do and how they're designed to relate to one another.