Tim Pool says the media has been “unfair” to Ye and blames his behavior on being “stressed out” over his divorce

Pool: “I think Ye’s faking it. I think he’s distressed”

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Citation From the November 30, 2022 edition of Timcast, posted to YouTube

TIM POOL (HOST): I think Ye’s faking it. I think he’s distressed, I think he was stressed out for a variety of reasons, I don’t know why he wanted to do my show. He’s going through a divorce. He mentioned that in the pre-show.

I think Ye is smarter than people give him credit for, I’ll answer some questions. Some people said, Tim said the media was being unfair to Ye. What were they being unfair about, Tim? He’s an anti-semite. It’s like your memory extends only a few months.

The media has been very unfair, and the easiest example is that they’ve been insistent that he is mentally ill and unwell, deranged – and I’m going to tell you this, the guy who showed up to my house with a smile on his face, completely lucid and coherent talking about – asking us what kind of food we’ve got – of sound mind as fair as I can tell.

Now, OK, maybe you say bipolar or whatever and it can change on a dime or whatever, perhaps, perhaps. But that’s the point I’m trying to get off at least right away. That you come out, Kanye comes out and says I agree with Candace Owens and Donald Trump and the media said his brain was broken. Yeah, that’s not fair, you’re allowed to have these political opinions. So I certainly think they’ve been unfair.