Tim Pool downplays Trump calling for the Constitution to be terminated: “Abraham Lincoln did it too”

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Citation From the December 6, 2022, edition of Timcast IRL

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ (GUEST): Every single day you have the Democrats trying to take away our Second Amendment rights, our ability to defend ourselves, to keep us from becoming New Zealand, China, or Australia and you're mad because Donald Trump said something about abolishing the Constitution on Truth Social? You know, give me a break.

TIM POOL (HOST): He didn't even say that, he's like some rules, including some of those in the Constitution may have to be suspended or terminated or something. I think terminated is what he said. So he didn't come out and say like, terminate the entire Constitution. He was like, some of these rules have to be terminated. Okay, not a fan. Not a fan of when Abraham Lincoln did it but Abraham Lincoln did it too, just saying. 


TIM POOL (HOST): I'll make a point to the country no longer existing too. There are a lot of people that still believe in the United States and they're holding to this ideal and this vision - I respect that, I like what America represents, I like the Constitution, but come on. Take a look at the Constitution. Take a look at the Bill of Rights. Is the federal government abiding by the Bill of Rights? Let's go through it.

Look, you've got a fracturing across the board of the Constitution. It's just nonexistent, sorry to say.