Tim Pool complains about The Onion article that notes that mass shootings only occur regularly in the U.S.

After Pool suggests that the U.S. is different from other countries because of how many people live in the country, he then admits that “we have a different culture in this country”

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Citation From a May 25, 2022, video posted to the Timcast channel on YouTube

TIM POOL (HOST): Okay, let’s read some of this from Twitter cause apparently the news we have now –

Here’s The Onion, the satirical media outlet The Onion shares a series of articles titled "'No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens." I love how stupid the joke behind that is. I get it, you know, it's funny, whatever. But the premise of the joke is that maybe if we did something different, something that other countries did, we could prevent this. That's such childish garbage. We are a different country with more or less people, typically more people than most of these other nations. Not all of them. I mean China, fine, weld people into their homes, is that your solution to the problem? What’s the argument from The Onion? They’re saying that we should have more gun control or whatever? We have a different culture in this country.

And there was one thing I was reading was interesting, people are talking about Michael Moore. Michael Moore said in Bowling for Columbine, apparently, that the US and Canada have comparable gun ownership rates, or that in Canada there’s a lot of guns. They have different laws I think, but people do have guns in Canada and they said it must be a cultural thing in the United States, I certainly think so. I think it is a cultural issue and I don’t think enacting laws will change that because culture can’t be changed by law.