Tim Pool claims school shootings are “exceedingly rare” and says that there is no way to stop them

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Citation From a May 25, 2022, video posted to the Timcast channel on YouTube

TIM POOL (HOST): He’s quoting everyone’s favorite, Aaron Rupar, "Ted Cruz proposes armed cops in elementary schools to deter school shootings." Perhaps. Perhaps there should be a single point of entry, two points of entry with guards. Perhaps most schools don't deal with this and that school shootings are exceedingly rare. Out of the, what, hundreds of thousands of schools in the country, how often does this happen? I think people need to realize that arming every teacher or putting a security guard in every school is a waste of time, energy, and money because sometimes bad things happen and how do you solve for this? Maybe you can't because some people are just crazy.


Some people have said what if we give teachers guns? Still the question is, how often does this happen? Once is too many times, for real. But are we going to solve this problem by teachers walking around armed? Probably not. Because, I mean maybe, but I don't know if every teacher having a gun solves the issue when the issue is rare, exceedingly rare, but we hyperfocus on it. Maybe the answer is just security guards. That's really it. I mean I'll tell you this, Parkland had security.  What'd that guy do? That guy ran away, didn’t he? Is that what happened? What's the point? There's no real solutions, the problem is that sometimes crazy people do crazy things. No amount of stripping people's rights will solve anything.