Tim Pool calls the Allen, Texas, shooter's pro-Nazi online footprint a “PSYOP” and blames mass shootings on “multiculturalism”

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Citation From the May 8, 2023, edition of Timcast IRL as broadcast on YouTube

TIM POOL (HOST): So, I mean the first thing I just want to say before we get into any of the politics from either side is, we don't want these things to happen, we want these things to stop. We need to figure out what the issue is in our society, in our culture. I genuinely believe it's dissociation. It is a dejected society where individuals don't know or care about each other and they seek validation or they seek to push some extremist ideology. And this whole thing creates a recipe for disaster. 

And I'll put it simply, I think it's multiculturalism. And not the idea that people of all different types are holding hands under the rainbow, it's that you have different communities stacked on top of each other and next to each other with wildly different views and they don't like each other. And then people who are crazy will do crazy things.

But what ends up happening today, we have this story from the Daily Mail, “Revealed: Texas gunman staked out massacre mall to monitor peak times three weeks before killing eight and posting details on Russian social media alongside photos of Nazis, guns, and ammunition.” You see, here’s where we get into the PSYOP.