Tim Pool and guests discuss how to acquire guns without attracting attention from authorities

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Citation From the December 13, 2022 edition of Timcast IRL, posted to YouTube

RILEY MOORE (GUEST): I’m sure you’ve seen these MCC codes they’re putting in place for credit cards now to be able to track the purchase of guns and ammunition.


MOORE: Around the country, this is a back door national gun registry. And this was pushed by Elizabeth Warren and the rest so if you are buying guns right now, pay cash or check but this is something that we’re going to have legislation on in January in West Virginia, hopefully other states will replicate it. And it’s actually not the credit card companies that want to track this, the banks, the banks want to track it and then the banks are going to be able to say we’re going to flag this, we’re going to flag that.

POOL: So you’re saying I got a Discover card for no reason?

MOORE: Yeah.

POOL: As soon as the news came out that was like Visa and Mastercard I was like, I’m going to apply for a Discover card. We’re going to use it for business stuff.

PHIL LABONTE (GUEST): One of the good things about the gun culture is the people that tend to be selling guns and firearms and stuff like that, they’re usually very open to cash, they’re very – sometimes they’re open to barter even, but definitely open to cash.

POOL: Or 3-D printed guns, do it yourself.

LABONTE: That’ll work too. I mean yeah, there’s nothing wrong with printing guns, buy the parts that aren’t serialized through mail order, or whatever. And then when it comes to the actual receiver, or whatever –

POOL: Yeah just make sure, because I think, what was it, the ATF was cracking down on the – what was it called?


POOL: You could buy a kit where it’s like all the stuff that you legally have to have tracked is tracked and then you can assemble it yourself, but they were like 80% kits or something like that, then the ATF started claiming that you couldn’t do it, started going after people.