Tim Pool and co-hosts make absurd claims that the government wants to control your cooking through the power grid

The panel comes to a similar conclusion about electric cars

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Citation From the January 11, 2023, edition of Timcast IRL streamed to YouTube

LUKE RUDKOWSKI [CO-HOST]: For me, this is happening in order to push the kind of digitization of everything. To fully have a technocratic society, you need everyone dependent on technology. And if you're able to cut off that technology, you're able to control people more and cutting people's ability to heat their own food by just simply clicking a button, that could be easily done with this new policy. And I think that's why they're really doing it, in my opinion. 

JAIMEE MICHELL [GUEST]: Yeah, I mean, I personally prefer electric, but I don't want them to eliminate the gas because of this reason exactly. I mean, I really don't think we're far from like a social credit score, you know, what we see in China, like and I really think that with the push for electric everything, electric cars especially, you know, and now this and everything else. 

RUDKOWSKI: Oh, you liked Gays for Groomers? No cooking for you for a week.

MICHELL: Exactly.

RUDKOWSKI: Oh your Tesla is also gonna be off too. 

TIM POOL [HOST]: If they ban gas stoves nationwide, that means rural people won't have access and a lot of those people have gas tanks at their houses, which would put their cooking on the grid and the grid can be controlled by external forces. 


POOL: So it's just centralization. 

RUDKOWSKI: Just like electric cars, you know, I think - 

MICHELL: Yeah, you’ll never be able to leave

RUDKOWSKI: That’s also another reason, you have a kill switch, which a lot of governments are working on, especially in Europe right now, where they could just turn off your car whenever they want.

MICHELL: That's so scary.

POOL: But you can also get solar. The problem with solar systems is they're also hooked to the grid. So if this system, like, if anything did happen where they're trying to control everything, you'd have to create your own electrical grid, like small one off the grid, like we have the - we have the van that has its own electrical system. I can plug into it without having to worry about anything. But even our solar system, which is like we generate our own electricity with solar panels, we have to get permission from the grid to activate.