Tim Pool on the Allen, Texas, shooter posting about his show: “I think it's funny and I really just don't care”

Pool: “It means nothing to me. It's just funny.”

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Citation From the May 9, 2023, edition of Timcast IRL, streamed on YouTube 

SEAMUS COUGHLIN (GUEST): I think if you did have a lunatic who had posted a couple clips from Tim's show, obviously, it goes without saying, that doesn't make Tim at all culpable for the behavior of that lunatic. 

TIM POOL (HOST): The guy wasn’t even subscribed. The clips show he was not even subscribed to the channel. 


POOL: Right. It's like he was a fan, he wasn't even subscribed. It was four clips from one show. 

COUGHLIN: Yeah, so, my point is this is grasping at straws, right? Because even if they can definitively prove -- even if it turns out this is legitimate, that really is this guy's profile, they're telling the truth and they have reasons to be confident, that still is not the nail in the coffin that they think it is here. 

POOL: I mean, I got to be honest, like, I think it's funny and I really just don't care. I think we've won so much ground in the culture war that it is completely meaningless that they would even do it, assuming it was a psyop. It means nothing to me. It's just funny.