Sound of Freedom subject Tim Ballard suggests gender affirming care is a gateway to pedophilia

Ballard “These kids, by the time they're 13, they're sex robots.”

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Citation From the July 13, 2023, edition of Timcast IRL

TIM POOL (HOST): Why do you think it is so many media outlets were attacking the film, insulting it, saying QAnon or paranoid. That's a little weird, huh?

TIM BALLARD (SOUND OF FREEDOM): Well first I'll say this, it's so bizarre because this film was made, produced, written five / six years ago before QAnon was even a thing so it's impossible what they're saying.

SEAMUS COUGHLIN (CO-HOST): That's a good point.

BALLARD: Why are they saying it? Now here's my theory, I think I'm right, there's an agenda out there and there's a conversation to be had and these outlets don't want to have it. By the way, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, they all praised this operation when it happened. They don't remember it was 8 years ago but I have the articles, look at these guys rescued these kids in Columbia, and now 8 years later, oh it's QAnon it didn't even happen blah blah. There's a conversation they don't want to have. They don't want to talk about the fact that there's 85,000 unaccompanied minors who came to our border and were released and lost in a country that's the highest consumer for child sex material. That's scary.

They don't want to talk about the fact that teachers unions are providing what we would call pornography to third graders, right. I used to be able to arrest people for providing the material to children that teachers are currently giving to kids under the guise of sex education. They don't want to talk about 13 year old girls being able to consent. And I'm very libertarian when it comes to all these things for an adult, right - 

IAN CROSSLAND (CO-HOST): I'll go get the book, I think I got a couple of the books you're talking about

BALLARD: Oh you've got some of them - 

POOL: We have a book that they have in grade schools - 

BALLARD: Oh I know that one, yes - 

POOL: That teaches children how to use adult sex apps.

BALLARD: Yes I'm very familiar I just posted on this.

POOL: There was a teacher who gave middle schoolers, 10 to 12 years old, a book called This Book is Gay, it's the title of a book, and in it it explains how to use Grindr. Why - why are -

CROSSLAND: On page 182.

COUGHLIN: Yeah it's so -

POOL: Now that one we can't show either. That's -

BALLARD: You can't show some of these pictures -

COUGHLIN: It's fetish porn.

BALLARD: I'm telling you, I could've arrested people for giving this to kids back in the early 2000s -

COUGHLIN: As it should be.

BALLARD: And now teachers are giving it to kids. They don't want to talk about this. And then you know what it leads to, consent. Pedophiles have been pushing consent, consent, kids should able to consent. I've studied pedophiles, I've hunted them for two decades and they have platforms, they have literature - kids should be able to make decisions for voting, for whatever they want to do. Why are they saying this? Well because they want them to have legal consent to have sex with a 12 year old, 11 year old, whatever. You know what this whole trans foist - and again I'm libertarian for adults, do what you want to do, I will fight for your right to choose to do that - but these are children and when you let a kid consent to gender mutilation or consent to puberty blockers, you're just an inch away from allowing them to consent to - you've lost the argument. 

POOL: But this quite literally is one of their big arguments. There have been numerous writers in what they call the queer movement who have talked about children consenting. There are prominent activists who are making this argument and in fact tomorrow we're actually going to be having a debate about - I'll keep it vague for a little bit because I don't want to spoil it or scare the people who are coming on the show but there's going to be a conversation about what is or isn't appropriate for kids. I think it's fairly obvious. When we ask the question - you know we have people come on and debate various ideas and I'll show these books to people and say for what reason should children be shown these books and they just blindly defend it. 

COUGHLIN: I just want to say, the real question is not why do kids need to see this it's why do you need to show this to a child?



POOL: Right.

COUGHLIN: Why are you so obsessed with ensuring that a child will have their innocence destroyed by this perverse content?

POOL: Let me ask you. I mean, you're the expert. Can you break down how would you describe grooming?

BALLARD: Oh absolutely. First the pedophiles want a kid who is sexualized, who will participate and choose to have sex with them. That's what they want. But you got to get a kid sexualized first. You know what porn does to an adult brain? I mean, I've talked to porn addicts, an adult brain. It changes the chemistry of the brain, right? It actually creates a damage of the brain. Kids, whose brains are just like crystalizing still, they're little sponges. So you give a third grader this and they're giving third graders this stuff, and then you expose them to TikTok and let them have the - I mean these kids by the time they're 13, they're sex robots. All they know is - they're teaching kids to masturbate too in some schools. That's part of it, go to your special corner and touch yourself while you look at this. So these kids are already sexualized to the point where - and again pedophiles are salivating. Like they're doing our job for us. These groups, the leftists out there, they're doing our job for us. 

VERASTEGUI: They're laughing right now. 

BALLARD: They're laughing. They're salivating is what I say but they're laughing.

POOL: You say they are doing the job for us, why not they are doing the job? The groups are one and the same. I mean, I made this argument, there as a - I can't remember exactly what the story was but I was critical of literal grooming. In fact, let's go back to pre-Elon Musk Twitter, there was an image of adult men showing graphic adult images to children and I said this is grooming. I got suspended. They deleted the tweet and they said you can't post about this kind of stuff and I'm like, I can't call out the abuse? They said it was offensive, it was hate speech.


POOL: So I criticize a story and I get these leftist publications attacking me for it. My response was if my position is that child abusers are bad and you rush to their defense and attack me over it, my only assumption is you are a child abuser or you are in support of child abuse.