Allie Beth Stuckey says doctors who treat trans patients are “creating lifelong slaves to the medical system”

Stuckey also claims that trans people don't exist

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Citation From the September 8, 2022, edition of TimcastIRL

TIM POOL [HOST]: You've got a perfect storm of, you know, a young kid going through puberty dealing with body changes, popular social media content supporting transition, and parents who also are, you know, falling for that.

IAN CROSSLAND [CO-HOST]: And a salivating medical industry that can profit predatorily off of these young children. Absolutely disgusting. The Sackler family, if you look into what was it, Dopesick, and they're pushing of oxycodone on the population knowing it was addictive and telling everyone it wasn't. Getting the FDA to sign off 

HANNAH CLAIRE BRIMELOW [GUEST]: And mocking people in rural areas where they were pushing this drug in their emails to one another.

CROSSLAND: These are the people that are doing this to the kids. It's not not the Sacklers, I'm not saying but it's people like that that want profit over everything else. 


ALLIE BETH STUCKEY (GUEST): They are creating though, if we're going to stick on the whole trans kids thing which I would not agree with Tim that there is such thing as a trans person, I just wouldn't, there's people with gender dysphoria, there's people that are confused, there are people that, you know, cross dress, whatever.

But anyway, they are creating lifelong slaves to the medical system because okay you do a quote-unquote gender affirming hysterectomy where you take out a young girl's uterus and her ovaries. Oh well great, now you need to freeze your eggs, now you're going to have to use a surrogate and have to go through all of these different fertility treatments in order to have kids one day if you want to. And so they are lifelong medical patients and of course the medical industrial complex likes that. It's all connected.