These are Tucker Carlson’s leading advertisers

Tucker "Answer me this"

Tucker Carlson's years of toxic, bigoted programming have driven away nearly every advertiser he once had. While Carlson's show is now devoid of blue-chip advertisers, some of those advertisers have attempted to take refuge by moving their ads to other shows on Fox News -- even though those shows are full of misinformation, bigotry, and propaganda. Furthermore, Fox has made Carlson is more ubiquitous on the network -- including on so-called “straight news” programming. So in addition to the few advertisers remaining below, please look at Fox News' leading advertisers as a whole.

But even without any advertisers, Fox News would still be profitable because of the unfair amount of cable subscriber fees that it is paid. Millions of people -- possibly including you -- pay Fox over $20 per year even if they never watch Fox News at all. So to initiate the next phase of holding Tucker Carlson and other Fox hosts accountable, Media Matters has launched the #UnFoxMyCableBox initiative. Please visit the campaign's website here

For a list of advertisers who have previously dropped Tucker Carlson Tonight, click here. For analysis of Tucker Carlson's near zero advertiser base, see Media Matters President and CEO Angelo Carusone's Twitter thread below.


Balance of Nature

Bass Pro Shops

Tivity Health (Nutrisystem & South Beach)

Sandals Resorts


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