Telemundo Hosts Point Out The “Big Difference” The Inclusion Of Latinos As Debate Moderators Would Make

María Celeste Arrarás: “Neither In This Debate Nor Those Coming After” Did They Consider Having A Hispanic Moderator To Bring Up Issues Important To Latinos

From the September 26 edition of Telemundo's debate programming La Gran Batalla:

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Translated transcript:

JULIO VAQUEIRO (CORRESPONDENT): There were some personal attacks, but without a doubt what most concerned people was discussed in the first 30 minutes of the debate, after the first introductions, what defined it. They discussed the economy. Here on the West Coast, in California specifically, José, although -- María Celeste, although this growth in the economy over the past eight years was discussed, many people haven't experienced those benefits that came with economic growth. Here in California, 5.5 percent of people are unemployed. In Los Angeles, the biggest city in the state, unemployment has increased in the last few months, and there are places where the statistics are even worse. That's why it's so important to hear the economic plans of the two candidates. On one hand, Hillary Clinton talked about reducing taxes on the working class. On the other, Donald Trump was talking about giving incentives for the upper class, to, in this way, generate jobs. The big absent: the topic of immigration. It wasn't expected to be discussed in this debate, but they didn't even talk about Donald Trump's wall -- which is perhaps the central issue of his campaign -- and they didn't discuss it during the economy part, when Trump guaranteed that he would create many jobs. They also didn't discuss it during the subject of national security. This is an important topic here on the West Coast because we are talking about close to 1 out of every 3 residents in California are immigrants born in a different country, and this is something very sensitive. It was not discussed, and it was the big absence. Nevertheless, as you said José and María Celeste, it was a special night because it was the opportunity for voters to see the candidates in a situation that they had not seen them before.

JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART (CO-HOST): Thank you from Los Angeles.

MARÍA CELESTE ARRARÁS: Well, you know one thing that we were going to talk about, one of the good points I want to -- that Julio made was that they didn't mention the wall, they didn't mention immigration, and in large part this was because neither in this debate nor in those coming after was it considered to have a Hispanic journalist to bring this issue that is important to our community to the mat, so that is something there.

DÍAZ-BALART: There would have been a big difference. 


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