Telemundo Host Corrects LIBRE's Daniel Garza's Unfounded Claim That Investigation Of Clinton's Emails Has “Criminal Sense” To It

José Díaz-Balart: “We Have To Stick To The Facts... Until Now, They're Civil Investigations To See Whether Protocol Was Breached.”

From the August 16 edition of Telemundo's Enfoque:

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DIAZ-BALART: Now, I wanted to ask, now that we're talking about Hillary, because this [discussion about immigration] is a discussion that can be had for hours and must be had because it's important to our community, but let's talk about the topic of the trust factor. Hillary Clinton has been losing points against Bernie Sanders because voters say they're losing trust in her as a candidate, as a politician, because of this scandal that continues to unravel little by little, about whether she had secret wires in her personal email -- secret wires that at the moment weren't classified as secret but were -- will this have, you think, a permanent impact on Hillary Clinton's candidacy?

HASTINGS: Well, I can't predict the future, I don't know what factor, or what weight this will have. But, what I understand is that, number one, this is Hillary Clinton, it was to be expected that her campaign is or will be very controversial, there should not be any doubts about that. That for one part, but I also consider that we're talking about-- there's a year and a half left, and I think we are all too interested in trying to make something definite at this stage, when it isn't, it's a world away.

GARZA:  Above anything else, there's a criminal sense to this. And I think right now they are in full crisis, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and how her campaign reacts will mark the difference, or are they going to keep dodging the truth? Are they going to keep ignoring what Congress is requesting? Hillary Clinton I believe is in crisis right now and that's why Sanders is passing her.

DIAZ-BALART: Now, we have to stick to the facts--


GARZA: Of course. 

DIAZ-BALART: Until now, they're civil investigations to see whether protocol was breached.

GARZA: But like, there's a criminal hue to this. And that's why, I believe, they're sinking in this crisis and the press needs to react, not ignore it.

HASTINGS: And I believe Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire, but when they put them in the general race she's ahead of him.

GARZA: I can't explain Bernie Sanders' surge. A socialist! 

DIAZ-BALART: Just like many can't explain the surge of Donald Trump, 

GARZA: Passed Hillary Clinton!

DIAZ-BALART: But see, in both political parties, in both campaigns the ones standing out are more or less people that aren't seen as historically from Washington DC. 

GARZA: They're confusing the experts.

DIAZ-BALART: Dan Garza and Maribel Hastings, thank you both for being with me this Sunday, you're highly appreciated, and I appreciate you for being with me.


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