Telemundo Fails To Debunk Claim That Trump’s VP Pick Mike Pence Would Be Good For Latinos

Telemundo’s Noticiero Telemundo failed to give an accurate depiction of Republican vice presidential candidate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, hosting only a conservative guest without challenging any of his claims about the governor’s policy positions.

On the July 20 edition of Noticiero Telemundo, national correspondent Lori Montenegro pointed out that “nearly half of the population does not know enough about Mike Pence to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him,” yet she only discussed Pence’s qualifications with a Republican delegate while ignoring the candidate’s problematic record on issues that are important to the Latino community, including jobs, the economy, and security.

Previously, conservative commentator Al Cardenas called the Pence pick “proof that the Trump campaign has made reaching out to Latinos a very low priority.” La Opinión lambasted Pence’s immigration record, saying that it was “worse” than Trump's. And Hispanic advocacy groups like the Latino Victory Fund have voiced vehement disapproval of the choice, explaining that his opposition to raising the minimum wage, support of tax incentives for the wealthy, opposition to immigration reform, support to end birthright citizenship, and rejection of DACA show that “Governor Pence is no friend of the Latino community.” Pence also differs from Hispanics in gun violence prevention issues, denies climate change -- an issue a majority of Latinos demand governmental action on -- and has aggressively blocked reproductive rights, a position that counters that of a majority of Latinas. From the July 20 edition of Telemundo’s Noticiero Telemundo:

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Translated transcript:

LORI MONTENEGRO (CORRESPONDENT): And arriving like this again, the spotlight is again hoarded by the tycoon, even on a day where many think attention should focus on his running mate Mike Pence. In particular because the governor of Indiana is not well known on the national level. What did you know about Mike Pence?

CONVENTION ATTENDEE: Honestly, I didn't really know anything [about him].

MONTENEGRO: Did you know who Mike Pence was?

WOMAN ON THE STREET: A little bit, not really.

MONTENEGRO: A survey by NBC Online/Surveymonkey indicates that almost half of the population does not know enough about Mike Pence to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him. This [Republican] delegate from Florida says Pence is very familiar with the interests of the Latino community

JOSÉ DÍAZ (REPUBLICAN DELEGATE): We want more jobs, we want to be safe, and we want a good economy, and he is dedicated to this and has helped Indiana achieve important triumphs.

MONTENEGRO: Meanwhile Trump's oldest son told Telemundo that he thinks his father will be able to win the Latino vote.

MONTENEGRO: He said “we are not anti-immigrant, but we need to have rules that benefit American citizens first” but many say that the Trump campaign has to put a stronger effort to reach out to Latinos.