Telemundo Contrasts GOP Convention's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric With Immigrants' “Hard Work And Entrepreneurial Spirit” Just Outside Cleveland

From the July 19 edition of Telemundo's Noticiero Telemundo:

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Translated transcript: 

JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART (HOST): This convention can end up determining the future that awaits immigrants in the case of a Trump presidency. Lori Montenegro traveled to the town of Painesville, not far from this place, to get a closer look at the opinions of the immigrant community that lives there.

LORI MONTENEGRO (CORRESPONDENT): Painesville is a small town 45 minutes from Cleveland. Here resides a large community of Mexicans like Genoveva from Leon, Guanajuato, and also, Central Americans. Their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, they say, has changed the dynamic here. 

GENOVEVA MOSCOSO (PAINESVILLE RESIDENT): Wow. It has improved a lot. The economy has grown, there are many jobs, many Latinos have built their own businesses and they are giving jobs to others.

MONTENEGRO: From here, they are attentive and look on with alarm, others with sadness, at the Republican National Convention and its tone.


REINCE PRIEBUS: This convention will come to order.


MONTENEGRO: The theme today is national security and will include immigration and will have speeches from the families of three people killed at the hands of undocumented immigrants. This delegate from Arizona says that this is an example of why we need to make changes.

STEVE MONTENEGRO (AZ DELEGATE): But, we need to remember that there are people here without documents illegally, and they are criminals.

LUZ LORENA REYNOSOA (PAINESVILLE RESIDENT): It impacted my mother's family, they were deported.

MONTENEGRO: But many like Lorena think they are being judged unfairly. And that's because Painesville has felt the effects of deportations in a disproportionate way. In 10 years, 8 of her relatives have been deported.

REYNOSA: That they don't judge all of us for the one who does bad things to people.

MONTENEGRO: And although many Republican Latinos don't like the Trump's tone nor his plans for immigration, today a group that criticized him for months, announced that they would support him.

ALFONSO AGUILAR: We don't like Trump as a person, as a candidate, and we differ on the topic of immigration. On the other hand, we think he is a person who will not continue these policies that are going to put our country at risk. 

MONTENEGRO: In Painesville, they beg that this zeal for security doesn't come at the expense of immigrants.


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