IFC Media Project Takes on Tea Party Tonight

In its third season, the IFC Media Project -- which has in the past won accolades for taking a harsh view of the media -- looks at four themes: fear, war, greed and disaster.

Tonight, the first episode, labeled “Fear” takes a close look at the Tea Party movement. It appears on the Independent Film Channel

“We follow Max Blumenthal deep into the heart of the Tea Party movement, trying to uncover what it is, exactly, they're so afraid of and along the way discovering that this 'grassroots uprising' might not be so organic,” a description on the project's website states. “Beginning with Obama's election, we quickly recap the disintegration of political discourse. Fear sells! and in politics, Fear Works, and as Max discovers, the GOP and FOX News know exactly what they're doing -- stirring up a fearful rebellion, hoping it might topple a President and swing the 2010 midterm elections.”

See a video preview below: