Hmm, Malkin compares Tea Party to radical, fringe racists?

Back to Michelle Malkin's recent hissy fit about how the the press isn't paying proper attention to the right-wing's concocted conspiracy involving Obama's DOJ and the New Black Panther Party.

When Malkin wasn't whining about the lack of press coverage for the non-story, she complained the press wasn't treating the New Black Panther Party the way it treats the conservative Tea Party:

If a Tea Party activist threatened to kill the babies of his political opponents, it wouldn't just be front-page news. It would be the subject of Democrat-led congressional hearings, a series of terrified New York Times columns about the perilous “climate of hate,” a Justice Department probe by Attorney General Eric Holder, a domestic-terror alert from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and another Important Teachable Moment Speech from Healer-in-Chief Obama.

But with the racism shoe on the other foot, Team Obama and its media water-carriers are exhibiting the very racial cowardice Holder once purported to condemn.

Do you see the blatantly phony premise Malkin sets up? If Tea Party activists had done X, Y, and Z, the press would have gone bonkers. But New Black Panther Party members did do X, Y, and Z and the press didn't care? Not fair claims Malkin because the two groups ought to be treated exactly the same.

Oh brother.

The Tea Party is supposedly leading a national, mainstream grassroots movement that, we're told, has inspired millions of Americans to march in the streets in the last year. (FYI, that claim is bogus.) And it's a high-profile, media darling movement that's been endorsed by some of the biggest political figures in the American conservative movement today.

The New Black Panther Party? It's a fringe group of racist whack job nobody's who most Americans, to this day, have never even heard of. And it's a group that enjoys virtually zero support in this country. None. It's a political non-entity.

But Malkin pretends she still can't understand why the press doesn't treat the New Black Panther Party the way it treats the Tea Party. In her mind, they're apparently equals.