Fox Nation host likens Trump falling behind in the vote count to a “soft coup” and urges Trump to take immediate action

Tammy Bruce: “Falsifying votes or doing shenanigans, cheating in this kind of a fashion, is nothing compared to what they were doing, frankly I think, in 2016”

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Citation From the November 4, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Company

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Tammy in the middle of the night I felt that it was trending towards President Trump. And the betting markets backed me up. They supported Trump as the likely winner. That has changed. At this moment you can't say either side is going to win. It's completely up in the air. Would you agree with that?

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NATION HOST AND FOX CONTRIBUTOR): Well, it depends on how the voting goes and the sense of the counting. I think wasn't it Stalin that said it's not the people who vote who decide an election, it's those who are counting those votes? And this is I think one of the president's main concerns.

As an example, there is -- was 128,000 new votes in Michigan. 100% of which went to Joe Biden. There's a lot of things that are going on. And the president is -- especially with Pennsylvania, his argument is, I believe, that votes that come in after the election day should not, are not legitimate. And are not part of the regulations and rules about when those votes should be arriving. So you're going to possibly see legal action based on what's being counted, why voting stopped, why suddenly all the votes found are going 100% to Joe Biden, those kinds of arguments can be made legally. And so it's difficult.

Look, we dealt with the last four years with an attempt by the establishment to do a soft coup and to remove a duly-elected president. By dealing with the FISA court, falsifying documents, et cetera. Falsifying votes or doing shenanigans, cheating in this kind of a fashion is nothing compared to what they were doing, frankly I think, in 2016. So the president is -- should do everything possible, every legal action, and exhaust all of that when it comes to making sure that this is a legitimate vote, that legitimate votes are counted, and that this is a fair and free election. And many people at this point are not seeing it that way.