Fox host compares the Democratic Party to the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Pol Pot

Tammy Baldwin: “You’ve also got to keep people ignorant”

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Citation From the December 9, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime 

VINCE COGLIANESE (GUEST): I think the leadership of the Democratic Party and the left broadly needs crises to be ongoing at all times and that those crises need to come from their fellow American who disagrees with them politically. So, what they are doing is cultivating -- to use the root cult as the root here -- they are cultivating bigotry. They're instilling intolerance in the people who pay them heed for fear of the consequences. 

It reminds me something of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, that if you say anything in dissent, you will be surrounded by the crowd that has already complied and you will be made to obey. And the reality is here, Tammy, that this cult has unusual power. Most cults typically are cast as like crazy, they're isolated to some random town. In America, we have a media distortion filter that helps to advance the propaganda of the cult that you just referred to.

And that's how you end up with 40 percent of Democrats believing that you have a greater than a 50 percent chance of being hospitalized by COVID. That's how you have more than 40% of Democrats thinking that more than 1,000 Black men, unarmed were killed in 2019 in America. It was 27. And that's also how you end up with 70% of Democrats in the country believing the 2016 election was meddled with by Vladimir Putin to hand the victory to Donald Trump. The lies and the fear is how you maintain control. 

TAMMY BRUCE (HOST): Yeah, and excellent analogy with, you know, even Pol Pot, certainly the Cultural Revolution. The nature of fear is at the root of all of it, but you've also got to keep people ignorant.