“Supreme Court Overrules God” And Other Right-Wing Media Reactions To The Marriage Equality Victory

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denied married same-sex couples the benefits and protections afforded to married couples under federal law. Many right-wing media voices expressed displeasure with the result. This item will be updated throughout the day.

Rush Limbaugh: SCOTUS Decisions On Marriage Equality Demonstrate The “Disintegration Of The United States.” On the June 26 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh began the broadcast by asking:

What area of disintegration of the United States do you want me to start with here today? Do you want me to start with the IRS scandal? Do you want me to start with immigration reform? Do you want me to start with Obama's green initiative, which will be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy? Do you want me to start with the Supreme Court decisions today?

[Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show6/26/13]

Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes: “Supreme Court Overrules God.” In a series of tweets following the DOMA decision, Todd Starnes claimed the court had “overrule[d] God” and speculated that it “won't be long before they outlaw the Bible as hate speech” and “haul pastors out of the pulpit”:

[Twitter.com,  6/26/13]

[Twitter.com,  6/26/13]

[Twitter.com,  6/26/13]

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer: DOMA Ruling “Has Now Made The Normalization Of Polygamy, Pedophilia, Incest And Bestiality Inevitable.” In a tweet following the DOMA decision, AFA President Bryan Fischer argued that normalizing bestiality and incest is now “inevitable.” He also tweeted that “Sodomy-based marriage is an egregious violation of the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God.'”

[Twitter.com, 6/26/13]

[Twitter.com, 6/26/13]

Accuracy In Media's Don Irvine: “Country Just Went To Hell In A Handbasket. DOMA Struck Down By Supreme Court.” In a tweet following the DOMA decision, AIM Chairman Irvine claimed the country “just went to hell.”

[Twitter.com, 6/26/13]

Fox Contributor Mike Huckabee: “My Thoughts On The SCOTUS Ruling That Determined That Same Sex Marriage Is Okay: 'Jesus wept.'” In a tweet following the DOMA decision, Fox Contributor Mike Huckabee summed up his thoughts in two words, “Jesus wept.”

[Twitter.com, 6/26/13]

Breitbart.com's John Nolte: “We No Longer Have An Argument Against Polygamy.” Breitbart.com columnist John Nolte wrote on June 26 in reaction to the SCOTUS rulings that “Polygamists are happy with today's Supreme Court rulings on same sex marriage, and have every right to be.” He continued:

Now that the line has been moved, we no longer have an argument against polygamy. All the arguments that won the day on the issue of same-sex marriage directly apply to the idea of polygamy: Why shouldn't more than two consenting adults who wish to, not be allowed to get married?


I am not comparing polygamy to same-sex marriage, and I am not even arguing against same-sex marriage. This is merely an intellectual exercise. [Breitbart.com, 6/26/13]