Anti-Semitism rears its head in attacks on Elena Kagan

Conservatives and Republicans are no strangers to the use of code words and bigotry in their attacks on progressives. What's rare is when they unveil those vile tendencies for the world to see.

That is exactly what leading conservative judicial activist Manuel Miranda did in an Accuracy in Media podcast:

MIRANDA: I think the real concern is, the question has to be, is Elena Kagan still a socialist? And the reason I say that is because in her early writings, in her early life, in the formation of her political sense, it is pretty clear that she is an American socialist. She comes from that background. I grew up in New York, she grew up in New York. I'm very familiar with the sort of Jewish socialist culture in New York, which has an enormous pedigree, has done wonderful things in promoting a way of life and developing American society, but at the end of the day is still socialist.

(FYI: the idea that Elena Kagan is a socialist has been thoroughly debunked.)

Is Miranda an anti-Semite? I have no idea what he truly believes.

Is he willing to use anti-Semitic canards to attack Elena Kagan? That is clear.

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