Stuart Varney “can understand” why a “militia” group detained hundreds of asylum seekers at gunpoint

Former Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan: “Border Patrol and other law enforcement entities there are overwhelmed and they feel like they have no choice”

From the April 19 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): This is a very interesting story here on your screen right now. An armed militia group, which patrols the southern border, they detained hundreds of migrants at gunpoint. They posted this video to social media. Mark Morgan is with us, he's a former Border Patrol chief. What do you make of this? Look, I have to think that this is rather dangerous and troubling. This smacks of vigilantism but I can understand it. What say you? 

MARK MORGAN (FORMER BORDER PATROL CHIEF): Stuart, I actually agree on both points. Make no mistake, from a law enforcement perspective this is a bad thing. Citizens should not be arming themselves and replacing themselves, and carrying out law enforcement duties. This is bad thing for everybody. But let's peel that back. Why are they doing it? Because they're there and they see what the rest of us are seeing, that the southwest border is being overrun. Border Patrol and other law enforcement entities there are overwhelmed and they feel like they have no choice. But make no mistake, Congress could fix this. All they have to do, the legislative fixes of the Flores Settlement agreement and TVPRA [Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000] -- catch-and-release goes away, 85% of this problem goes away and the American citizens down there wouldn't feel the need to do this. 


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