“Hard” “Authoritative” Evidence Of Climate Change Begins To Overwhelm Even Fox

A new study showing that polar ice is melting faster than before has convinced even Fox's Stuart Varney, who previously said climate change was a “scientific conspiracy.” The Fox Business host acknowledged that the study, which adds to the extensive body of science showing the threat of manmade climate change, is “hard evidence” from an “authoritative source.”

The study, published in the journal Science, shows that polar ice sheets are now melting three times faster than they did in the 1990s, contributing to sea level rise. On his Fox Business show, Varney expressed concern that this “hard evidence” of global warming might bolster efforts to address the problem:

Varney's apparent acceptance of this latest scientific evidence of climate change marks a reversal from just two days ago, when he incorrectly claimed that a “study from Britain's Meteorological Office” found that there has been “no increase in the global temperature” over the last 16 years -- a rumor from a discredited tabloid report. He has repeatedly cast doubt on climate science, insisting that "the debate is not over" and calling climate change a "scientific conspiracy."

But this latest study, which combined past measurements to arrive at what the Associated Press called a new “scientific consensus” that Greenland is melting at a quicker pace and that “as a whole the Antarctic ice sheet is melting,” seems to have changed Varney's mind. The following chart from AP shows how melting polar ice sheets are increasingly contributing to rising sea levels, threatening coastal communities:

Source: Associated Press