Fox's Stuart Varney on Twitter's new rule labeling tweets from world leaders that violate its rules: “That sounds like censorship to me.”

From the June 28 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Twitter says that it will label, label tweets from world leaders that violate its rules. I've got to say, that sounds like censorship to me. I've just got to say. What do you say about it?

REBECCA WALSER (PRESIDENT, WALSER ASSET MANAGEMENT PRESIDENT): Without a doubt. You know, I'm just getting more and more concerned every single day. You might want to call this the Trump rule. There's going to be a screen that comes up that says if you are following somebody and you know, there's a special team now that will follow, "oh, this is not following our rules but they are a public interest so we're going to go ahead and let you see it if you click this button to then see it.

VARNEY: Really?

WALSER: So there's going to be a block screen to actually block the tweet from you seeing it even if you follow the person.

VARNEY: And that would go on President Trump's tweets?

WALSER: Yes. It's absolutely designed --

VARNEY: Because he's got 130 million followers.

WALER: Absolutely designed -- over 60 plus million.

VARNEY: That's censorship any way you slice this. 


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