Fox's Stuart Varney Falsely Claims Seattle Minimum Wage Increase Cost 1,000 Food Service Jobs

Seattle Area Has Actually Added 1,800 Food Service Jobs Since The Start Of The Year, Despite Minimum Wage Requirement

From the September 11 edition of Fox Business's Varney & Company:

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STUART VARNEY: Okay. The writing is on the wall for you guys.

ZAIN TANKEL: Well, obviously somebody working for me for $14 can go to McDonald's now and get a job for $15. What does that do for me? So the reality is we get the spill over affect, but it's not legislated to us. But you say what does it do? I mean the models are out there, Seatac the data is in, they've let go of about 1,000 people just outside of Seattle where they raised it to $15, they did in April, April or May.

VARNEY: It was in April and I think they lost 1,000 fast food jobs in May.

TANKEL: Right. And there's a number of restaurants that have closed. So the model's out there. Puerto Rico's out there, San Juan we can see what it is because they've raised their minimum wages to coincide with the mainland, I think Clinton did that, it was below. They're not productive. There has to be a relationship between skill sets and remuneration it can't just be -

VARNEY: Or politicians buying votes. I'll give you a raise if you vote for me.


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