Fox's Stuart Varney and Tammy Bruce suggest that extending health care to undocumented migrants will lead to an influx in diseases

Bruce: “We've got potential pandemics emerging ... Diseases, infectious diseases that we thought we had quelled, we did not. Ebola is reemerging.”

From the June 28 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Socialists run the party. That's my main takeaway. What do you say? 

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Oh absolutely. And here's the damage here. While we've learned about these individual candidates, the first night they also talked about making -- eliminating illegal immigration, right, decriminalizing it. That was the message that night. And then of course last night was a free health care for everyone. It is an invitation for more mass immigration into this country, certainly also by people who are not well, and considering --

VARNEY: Oh, that's right, if you're sick come on in.

BRUCE: Look, we've got potential pandemics emerging, right? Diseases, infectious diseases that we thought we had quelled, we did not. Ebola is reemerging. There's general health issues, of course overall, and of course, these are the messages that will not be delivered, so the people who are targeted with these messages are going to be abandoned. This is the chaos and the recklessness of the messages of today's Democratic Party, not just for American citizens but for people around the world who do dream to come to this country, who we want here, but not in a framework of chaos, where everyone will be abandoned and the system itself will collapse.

VARNEY: Well, you are referring to the moment where they put their hands up, and -- we will pay all the health care bills of illegal immigrants. They all said yes. 

BRUCE: It's an extraordinary -- but remember, of course, this is for the Democratic primary. They are pandering to, they believe, their base but their base is not on Twitter, right? Those are extremes on Twitter. The base is also caring about their family, about the future, about the economy, about crime, about not wanting the health care infrastructure to collapse and so this is what's extraordinary. They are literally not communicating with their own base. And I think, as some have said, that Donald Trump has been the winner of both nights because Americans are saying wait a minute, now if --

VARNEY: Yes. Trump won both nights --

BRUCE: Correct.

VARNEY: -- because of the performance and the policies of the Democrats on both nights.


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