Fox's Charles Hurt: Democrats are “the party of live-birth abortion, sanctuary cities, socialism, and now human smuggling”

From the March 7 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): I'm coming down hard on the Democrats because I'm frankly disgusted. Am I going too far? 

CHARLES HURT (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): No, if anything you're not coming down hard enough. You know, this is not a partisan issue; this is constitutional issue, this matter of illegal immigration coming across the border. But it's also a humanitarian crisis, not just for people living down there, not just for our country, but it's a humanitarian crisis for the people who are drawn to the border because they know that they can walk right across. Think about this for a minute: Human smugglers in Mexico are going to make $2.5 billion in one year off of human smuggling. And if that is not an emergency, if that is not a crisis, then I don't know what is. And again, it's not a partisan issue. This is a constitutional matter, this is something Congress is supposed to do something about. It's supposed to -- we're supposed to have borders, but you have Democrats -- it's combination of being basically a party of sanctuary cities and no borders, but also you combine that with their hatred of Donald Trump and their refusing to do the most basic job and they're becoming the party of live-birth abortion, sanctuary cities, socialism, and now human smuggling. 


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