Fox News contributor baselessly suggests Democrats nominating Bernie Sanders -- who is Jewish -- could turn off Jewish voters

From the March 8 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Now, in the past, traditionally, the Jewish voters have gone at least 70 percent -- 


VARNEY: -- for the Democrat candidate in all presidential elections for many, many decades.

SCHOEN: Correct.

VARNEY: Will that be true of 2020? 

SCHOEN: Well we'll have to see. If somebody like Joe Biden's nom --

VARNEY: What do you think? 

SCHOEN: If Joe Biden's nominated? Yes. If Joe Biden isn't nominated, we get somebody like Bernie Sanders, or a candidate who doesn't have historic ties to Israel, sympathy for the Jewish state, then you could be right. I think Ronald Reagan once got up as far as 40 percent of the Jewish vote. And I think Trump, having moved the embassy to Jerusalem, is positioned, if he handles it right, to get close to that number under the right circumstances.


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