Fox host, a self-professed member of the 1 percent, says “elites” are against Trump

Fox Business host Stuart Varney has provided yet another example of the ersatz populism advanced by conservative media figures in promoting President Donald Trump.

Varney — who recently insisted that Trump has never told a lie to the American people — appeared early Tuesday morning on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria, telling anchor Maria Bartiromo of the opportunities that exist for partnership between Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson because of their similar circumstances.

“It's not the same as the old special relationship — Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. It's more of a parallel — which I hope continues, quite frankly,” Varney said. “Have you noticed that on both sides of the Atlantic, the media detests the prime minister in Britain, and the president of the United States? There's a parallel. Have you noticed that on both sides of the Atlantic, the elite detest the prime minister, Boris, and the president, President Trump?”

Varney’s punching of the “media” and the “elites” should seem odd to any outside observer. He is, after all, on television — which means he is part of the media. And as for being an “elite”? Well, Varney himself has previously boasted on the air: “I am in the 1%. Thank you very much indeed, Fox, I love it.” (And his regular beat is Wall Street trading, no less.)

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Citation From the September 10 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria