Fox host Martha MacCallum: “From a humanitarian perspective, a wall is what is needed”

From the November 30 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Your story was that you went down to the border.


VARNEY: You were there. You spent some time there. You saw what was happening. Do you think we should build a wall?

MACCALLUM: Well I think we absolutely need to have a secure border. I think without that, you don't have a country. You know, everyone talks about the caravan -- 2,000 people cross the border every single day, illegally.

VARNEY: Illegally?

MACCALLUM: On top of that you have the caravan. So this is a huge issue for the United States. And it also, I think even from a humanitarian perspective, a wall is what is needed. Because look at what's going on on the other side of this border.


MACCALLUM: We need a process. We owe it to the people who want to get back and forth to have a process. There is no other place where you can cross from country to country without that process, without showing your passport, without showing your papers. This has become an untenable situation. I know alot of people say if you look at the numbers, they have decreased over the years. That doesn't change the fact you still have a major issue. You still have people -- you know, there was a car that flipped over today and killed three people after ramming through the border. So you absolutely need to have a process. It's the humanitarian thing to do and it's the national interest thing to do.


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