Fox host encourages Republican who calls gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum “an existential threat” to the people of Florida

Stuart Varney: Don't forget to add he'll raise taxes

From the November 1 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Can you explain to me why things are so close in Florida? I mean, it's a very successful economy, it has been very well run by a Republican governor. And yet I see the Democrat challenger in the governor's race, Andrew Gillum, he appears to have a lead. What's going on in Florida? 

REP. FRANCIS ROONEY (R-FL): Well remember I'm not a career politician so I don't know the science of this business probably like I should to have this job. But I'm not so sure that polls are as accurate as they used to be. I know from the polls that we've done, I think a lot of people don't answer the phone anymore and polling hasn't come to terms with changes in technology. Also I think that there's a lot of people that are going to that voting booth and realize that Andrew Gillum is an existential threat to the future of Florida and the people that live here. 

VARNEY: Well if Andrew Gillum becomes the governor of Florida, and puts in place the ideas and policies that he's talking about, I can see the day coming when Florida will have a state income tax. Can you? 

ROONEY: Oh inevitably, talk about killing golden goose. I think you all figured out that if he spent all the money he wants to spend, the taxes have to go up like 41 percent or something. 


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