Fox correspondent falsely claims connection between carbon emissions and climate change “hasn't been proven”

From the December 11 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Then we have some in Canada not too happy about Prime Minister Trudeau's carbon emissions tax. Tell me more.

SUSAN LI (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): Doesn't it sound a lot like France, right? 

VARNEY: It does indeed, yes.

LI: Remember when Macron hoping to raise taxes -- to yes improve government coffers, but then you hit the poor as well. So what Justin Trudeau is trying to do over in Canada is he's trying to increase taxes on carbon emissions to combat climate change. So people will have less emissions in the future, they won't drive as much, they won't emit as much pollution. But as you know, Canadians -- I would say globally -- no one wants to pay higher taxes. 

VARNEY: No, who does, right? 

LI: No.

VARNEY: I mean, why would you want to do that? 

LI: Especially when it hasn't been proven, there's a direct related cause. 

VARNEY: Yes, and you're trying to take care of a problem in the way distant future and you have to pay for it now. That's not going to be popular.

LI: Think about who you hurt in the end, right? It's the middle class, it's the people that need to pay more to drive, and those are usually lower income individuals.


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