Fox Contributor Calls Out Host's “Absolutely Astounding” Selective Hearing On Pope's Call To Action On Climate Change

Father Jonathan Morris: It Is The Pope's Job To Say “Climate Change Is A Moral Issue Because It's Going To Affect Mostly The Poor”

From the September 23 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY: While the pope remains silent on the plight of many Christians in North Africa, yes he did, not a word about it really, he continues to criticize the U.S. and other wealthy nations about climate change. Come on in Father Jonathan Morris. Now Father, I know you're ready for me, you know what I'm going to say, what on earth is Pope Francis doing coming to this country, criticizing us, urging us towards a policy on climate change, and saying nothing about the slaughter of our fellow Christians in North Africa. Can you explain this to me, father?

FATHER JONATHAN MORRIS: Stuart, your selective hearing is absolutely astounding. 

VARNEY: Wait a second Father, do you deny that Pope Francis spent the majority of his speech time this morning talking about climate change? Climate change, climate change, climate change. We must get on board with this. He became totally political, no?

MORRIS: Ok. He has no problem being political when he sees that there are major moral issues that need speaking to. But let me just finish real quickly what I started to say and that is this, what'd he talk about? He talked about religious freedom, he talked about people around the world that don't have religious freedom. He also talked about going back to the foundational principles of our country, he spoke about a lot of things, right? And yes, he did talk about global warming and let me tell you why. Because I don't think he agrees with a whole lot with President Obama on some of the other issues of abortion, of marriage et cetera. So he chose to go to those things that he agrees with with the president and says 'let's work together, let's work together.' And you know, I think he thinks talking about some of the other things, say abortion, is not going to do a whole lot of good in that particular context. We might hear about those other things more, he still hasn't talked to the joint session of Congress, to the United Nations, but what he's saying is people who disagree on some issues can work together on other issues. And yes, he does believe that global warming or climate change is a major moral issue, why, because he's believed the consensus of scientists, of public scientists. 

VARNEY: He's in very, very deep water here because he has taken sides on the issue of policy. He's projecting one policy that he thinks is good. 


MORRIS: What his job is to say, I believe this is a moral issue. Climate change is a moral issue because it's going to affect mostly the poor, mostly the poor, and therefore, United States of America, you are in a particular position of leadership, do something, because it will affect the poor. 



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