Fox Business' Susan Li on Joe Rogan's transphobia, COVID misinformation: “He's just a guy's guy, right?”

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Citation From the April 28, 2021, edition of Fox Business' Varney and Company 

SUSAN LI (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): He's Spotify's 100-million-dollar man, Joe Rogan, there drawing a lot of criticism with his comments and some saying that he's spreading a dangerous message to his huge, wide audience. His podcast of billions of listens and is the number one podcast on Spotify last year, now exclusive to the platform. But Spotify reportedly reviewed this episode before it aired and left it on because you heard there, Rogan wasn't outwardly anti-vaccine for everybody, he just said for young, healthy individuals. Now Spotify in the past has removed other shows and other personalities on anti-vaccine grounds but not in this case. So Rogan, we know, not shy, of course, when it comes to controversy, besides that infamous Elon Musk episode that you're seeing there, but he's also said that masks are for weaker people — I won't use the exact word he said in that sentence. And he has made remarks that some say were transphobic. He's just a guy's guy, right?