Fox Business pivots from covering Dorian to denying the link between climate change and hurricanes

Stuart Varney then hosts Fox's favorite climate misinformer Mandy Gunasekara to downplay green jobs and complain about the plans of Democrats to address climate change

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Citation From the September 4 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

JANICE DEAN (WEATHER ANCHOR): So here's the advisories. We now have hurricane warnings for all of the Carolinas — South Carolina, North Carolina as well — so listen to your local officials and do as they say. If they tell you to evacuate, that will be something that you need to do. And then the storm surge, Stuart, these areas are so vulnerable to storm surge. And when you're talking about five to eight feet — that's over top of you.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Yeah. So it's with us for the week. 

DEAN: It's here till Friday, yes.

VARNEY: Yes it is. Janice, thank you very much, indeed. See you again real soon.

DEAN: Of course.

VARNEY: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounded off on what she thinks caused this storm. What did she say?

DEIRDRE BOLTON (ANCHOR): So, she tweeted out with some images of a helicopter going over the Bahamas saying, “I can hear climate deniers screeching it’s always been like this and you are dim” — meaning calling her unintelligent — “This is what climate change looks like. It hits vulnerable communities first. We need to decarbonize, cut emissions or we will let people die.” So what is unclear, obviously, is if there is actually a link to any of the changes that the atmosphere is going under, and these kinds of hurricanes which have existed for a very long time in this season.

VARNEY: She will make the link for political reasons.


VARNEY: Yeah, got it. Okay.