Fox Business Panel Lashes Out At Obama Administration Proposal To Expand Overtime Protections

Stuart Varney: “We've Got An Administration, Which Just Plain Hates Business”

From the April 8 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): The Wall Street Journal says that the administration is “racing” to finalize a slew of regulations ... These new rules and regs will affect a big part of the economy. What are we talking about, Tammy? 

TAMMY BRUCE: Well you know, this is what Obama does with his pen and his paper. This is a dynamic where he is just going to be sweeping through the end of the year getting as much done as he possible can. Just by -- look we're already in billions dollars, the cost. 


VARNEY: Management gets overtime, so they're going to go on the clock? And if they answer the little e-mail in the afternoon you've got to pay them overtime for this? Are you kidding?

BRUCE: And that's the one that makes the news. That's just what makes the news. This is -- they're are hundreds all the time. Every month there's like hundreds, and thou-- I mean it's remarkable

VARNEY: Okay, hold on a second, Kevin Kelly is with us, he's a market watcher. We've got an administration, which just plain hates business. 

KEVIN KELLY: Yeah, absolutely.


MACDONALD: But, if you make -- here is the overtime pay rule. If you make -- if you have a worker making $50,440 they get overtime now under this new rule the president wants to push out. So, you’re right, that would really hurt businesses -- small businesses -- across the country. 


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