Fox Business host whines about “disrespect” by Democrats and citizens protesting Trump administration's policy of ripping immigrant families apart

Trump is putting babies in cages

From the June 20 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): It was a disgraceful display of disrespect. Throughout the day, and late into the night, the left poured out its scorn for President Trump. It was unprecedented. It started early. The hearing on the Clinton email scandal was hijacked within seconds of it beginning. Democrat Jerrold Nadler demanding a discussion of family separation, not the Clinton email problem. Every Democrat on the panel followed suit. Two women with babies interrupted the hearing, calling the president inhuman. Democrat Elijah Cummings, close to tears, talked about child internment camps. 

Later, President Trump went to Capitol Hill to discuss immigration. A woman screamed “F you” -- right at him. The Democrat Hispanic Caucus got right in the president's face shouting abuse right at him, and after that a confrontation Juan Vargas, Democrat, and Carlos Curbelo, Republican, it was the Democrat doing the shouting.

Away from Capitol Hill -- Homeland Security Secretary Nielson tried to eat dinner in a Mexican restaurant. A socialist mob forced her out. And throughout the day, the president was reviled in the most personal terms. The shelters for children at the border -- “concentration camps.” It's come to this -- Democrats believe they found an issue, family separation at the border. They piled on the emotion, and now the insults. We're covering this throughout program, we're going to show you what happened last night, you'll hear it all, and we'll ask what's going to happen at the border when the next migrant surge arrives. Varney & Company is about to begin.


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