On Fox Business, climate science denier Marc Morano claims “you cannot distinguish” a human impact on the climate

​Morano and host Stuart Varney also claim excess carbon dioxide is “a positive side” to climate change because it's “plant food”

From the December 17 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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​STUART VARNEY (HOST): ​​Look ​I'm making two points, ​M​arc​;​ Number one, voters won't pay more for energy​ now​ to fix a problem down the road. Number two, voters will not sacrifice now whilst China does nothing. Where am I going -- are you with me on this? 

​MARC MORANO (CLIMATEDEPOT.COM): Yes​​, completely. From a political, economic, climate, and cost benefit analysis point of view, you are 100​ percent​ correct. What's happened now is we've seen the face of climate tax failure and it is French ​P​resident E​m​manuel ​M​acron. He is the face. He has made himself the poster boy​ ​of the U.N.-Paris climate pact. ​And ​​he​​​'s​ told middle​-​class French, who are facing skyrocketing fuel taxes from his policies, that they can wait for public transit​, that they can​ carpool​, and that basically​ ​t​hey have to be in it to save the world because what they're doing is ​noble. ​And none of the French are buying it. ​And that rebellion is spreading. 

​VARNEY: ​In my editorial at the top of the hour, I quoted from The Wall Street ​J​ournal today, an editorial about climate change and the French​.​ ​T​he last few lines noted that ​NASA, ​the ​North American ​S​pace ​A​dministration, using satellites, shows that the world is a lot greener than it used to be because there's more carbon and that​'​s plant food. I mean that's kind of the other side of climate change, isn't it? Is that a positive side to it? 

​MORANO: Absolutely. Peer reviewed studies ​are ​showing ​the ​greening of planet Earth including deserts. And in my book​,​ ​T​he ​P​olitical​ly​ ​I​ncorrect ​G​uide to ​C​limate ​C​hange, I quote Nobel ​Prize-​winning scientists​ and others who say​ that the Earth is in a CO2 famine​ right now​ In other words, CO2 historically, geologically speak​ing, is ​low. ​So the idea that t​he ​U​nited ​Nations can say we face a catastrophe 100 years ​from now unless we sacrifice today, no one buys it scientifically​,​ ​no one buys it​ instinctively on a human level. ​And we have protests​ now​ in Canada​, we have​ Brazil canceling the U.​N.​ Climate ​S​ummit. A lot of this credit goes to ​P​resident Donald Trump, ​who by ​pulling​ the​ United States out of the Paris agreement​,​ is causing a domino effect. ​At th​is​ summit I just got back from in Poland, ​the ​U.N. Climate ​S​ummit,​ we had​ Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, all refusing to sign on ​to this alarmist U.N. ​r​eport​ which​ came ​out in October​. So​ this is major progress for people who care about energy security and sovereignty and​ are​ against the U.N. ​a​genda. 

VARNEY: Now I take no position. I'm not, in my editorials​,​ I'm not arguing that yes, it, climate change exists, yes it's human​ caused -- I don't take a position​.​ ​B​ut what's your position? Is the planet warming, and if it is warming, is it ​the result of human activity? Where do you com​e in​ from? 

​MORANO:​ ​It's ​very simple. Humans​ can​ impact the climate​,​ but any impact i​t had is​ indistinguishable from the past. In other words​,​ you cannot distinguish a human concept. I have chapters in my book quoting former ​U​nited ​N​ations scientists​ who've now​ turned against the U.N.​,​ ​m​aking that point.


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