Day after midterm elections, Fox contributor complains of House Democrats' “unfairness” and “circuses of investigations”

Tammy Bruce: “We don't like the unfairness”

From the November 7 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Hi everybody. I can't wait for Nancy Pelosi. 

STUART VARNEY (HOST): I'm going to get into that in a second. 

BRUCE: Yes. Yes. 

VARNEY: Are the Democrats, who now run the House, are they going to legislate or investigate?

BRUCE: Well, Nancy Pelosi already announced that this is about stopping the GOP, and that's all they have. They have no real legislation, they have no ideas. They want to take some credit for what the president's already accomplished. One thing Nancy Pelosi noted is they want higher wages for workers, well, we've already accomplished that. The highest wage increase in over a decade accomplished by the president. 

So what you're going to see, and this is what lost them the Senate, effectively, is, you're going to see more Kavanaugh-like behavior, more Kavanaugh-like hearings. And the Americans clearly sent a message to the Democrats on the Senate side and overall, we did not like what they did with Kavanaugh. We did not like this notion that due process didn't matter. We did not like the circus of it. We don't like the attempted political assassination of someone. We don't like the unfairness. What Nancy Pelosi will plan for the House is more unfairness. More absurdity, more circuses of investigations.


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