On YouTube, Steven Crowder says he will throw an “Omicron party” and “do popsicle stick spit brothers”

Update, (12/15/21, 10 a.m.): YouTube removed this video, citing a violation of its hate speech policy.

Update, (12/15/21, 5 p.m.): Steven Crowder stated on the December 15 edition of his BlazeTV show that he had been suspended from YouTube.

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Citation From the December 14, 2021, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): For crying out loud. Look, it's over, it's done now. He cannot give up. This is what we talked about, he cannot just give up control. You could not write this any better. Look, we're going to create a variant that outcompetes - from what we understand - Delta, that is more contagious, and significantly less deadly. It's over. 


Hey, you guys going to have an Omicron party? I think we should have an Omicron party. We'll throw a party with as many people as humanly possible. Lick a popsicle stick, do popsicle stick spit brothers. 

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): What are we, five again?

CROWDER: Why? Because this is the United States of America. I how this [INAUDIBLE] the unvaccinated only kill themselves, great, let me – let me commit – I wrote my suicide letter out, I wrote it out.