On YouTube, Steven Crowder: “I would like to send out gangs of retarded people to lynch pedophiles”

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Citation From the December 6, 2021, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): It's one thing to be a degenerate who abuses children, in which case you deserve to die. It's another thing to have looked at a couple images, right? In which case you deserve to be locked up. It's entirely another to be paying for and subscribing for pornography at a job involved with our highest national security offices, which, from what I'm seeing, the only way they could've found it is if they did it on the company computers. 

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): Wow. At work. 

CROWDER: Are all pedophiles retarded? 


CROWDER: Matter of fact, I would like to send out gangs of retarded people to lynch pedophiles. 

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): Well, you know, yeah. 

CROWDER: Send them out. Yeah, you know. “You're sick.” No? Anyone else? Can we hire -- can we anyone? Can we hire, you know, people who have, maybe, have difficult time finding employment in the modern world? And that’s OK, I’m my hole here. But my point is this, comment below. What do we do? What do we do?

Let me ask you this. On a personal level, do any of you disagree with the fact that child rapists deserve the death penalty? I used to be not really pro-death penalty. I'm super pro-death penalty now. 

LANDAU: Oh, you don't even have to pay me. I'll kill them. 


CROWDER: I would hypothetically have my popcorn ready for these people to be strung and quartered.